Haven’t eaten much today. Hungry now. Had my muesli this morning and a few sandwiches. Whole day was very difficult. Was crushed under the realisation that although I have two people who seem to care about my welfare, they operate in a system that doesn’t. The psychiatrist I’m seeing about what appears to be ADHD, […]

No more Dexamfetamine – let’s try bupropion

Bupropion is an anti-depressant, but not an SSRI which increases availability of Seratonin and conversely decreases the amount of Dopamine. Low Dopamine is thought to be related to symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Bupropion is an NDRI which means it acts on Noradrenaline and Dopamine, increasing their availability. I had high hopes for this medication. When I […]


forgive my layman descriptions of things in this blog. I am uneducated and have ADD which means in my case means I don’t remember shit. As I understand it, logic is a way to determine if something is true or false. You could call this determining truth. Surely our legal system should be constructed to […]

Life for many

This is life on this planet. Introducing Robert Alton Harris. A murderous criminal. How did he get to be how he was? Let’s see (courtesy of Wikipedia)… Early life and criminal record/history Robert Alton Harris was born at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the fifth of nine children of Kenneth and Evelyn Harris. Kenneth was […]


Feeling awful now and it’s brought to mind my dealings with CBT. With CBT they’d try to get you to identify the thought that triggered the awful feelings because that was basically the root of the problem: you’re feeling depressed because something has happened that’s triggered a thought and if you can identify the thought […]

Gas, regulator, flow meter, exit

I’ve finally just ordered the remaining products I need to leave this awful place, the products being; cannister of compressed inert gas, regulator to control the flow from a high pressure cannister and lastly, flow meter to ensure a decent flow of said gas. I’ve already got the oven bag and micropore tape to make […]