It's not only care staff who can be incompetent…

…It looks like I’m quite prone to it myself. I’d noticed that sadly I appeared to be getting used to the medication, in that it’s positive effects seemed to be wearing off. I’m still much more able to function than I ever have been, but I’d noticed I was beginning to lose track of things […]

More NHS incompetence

Situation: High probability that I have ADHD (not ‘depression’ as I’ve argued for about 2 decades). Not able to get ADHD medication until diagnosed with ADHD. Referral to someone who can make a diagnosis of ADHD on the NHS takes about 14-17 months. Known issues with ADHD in relation to anti-depressants, specifically SSRIs: People with […]

Less Chaos

I went and lagged the water pipes in the cellar a little while ago after writing the previous post. I enjoy DIY. It’s a great feeling to create or have something tangible oneself that is as a direct result of your labour. Normally any DIY project is an extremely distressingly frustrating experience, one reason is […]

Adventures in ADHD land

It’s become apparent over the past few months that there is a very high probability that I have ADHD. The state of medical services in my country (the UK) is atrocious with a wait time of 14-17 months to see someone who can make the diagnosis. In the meantime they are happy to keep me […]

Critical Thinking

An example of the media’s complicity in this nightmare world by not reporting critically and thereby not teaching us to think critically. Or perhaps more sinisterly, to teach us to not think critically. Endesa Give €2 Million to COP25 Summit – seems legit Endesa is one of Spain’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, producing just over […]